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The Journal of Science, Technology and Management (JSTM) is a quarterly scientific publication from the  Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies, Tiruvalla (MACFAST). MACFAST is one of the first generation post graduate colleges started in the self financing sector in Kerala during 2001. The college provides impetus to the multidisciplinary mode of education. The college offers post graduate programmes in management, computer applications and biosciences. The MACFAST Center for Research & Development (MCRD) is recognized by Mahatma Gandhi University for doctoral programmes in Biosciences. The academic activities of the college are monitored by an academic council that consists of a panel of eminent academicians under the chairmanship of   Padmavibhushan Prof. (Dr.) M.S.Valiathan. JSTM is dedicated to bring together articles at the interface of Science, Technology and Management.

Science today is at a very exciting juncture, with the traditional bastions of its disciplines being expanded beyond imagination to bring about a confluence of the fundamental and the applied. Technology, which is a consequence of research in the pure sciences, has grown in immense proportions. Proper management of technology is pivotal in gaining directed and fruitful benefits from science, leading to development of society at large.
In the milieu of our progress profile, both in the educational scenario as well as the recently started MACFAST Centre for Research and Development (MCRD), it has been considered appropriate to have a platform for presenting our research results and to associate other researchers around the world with a journal created to bring together global progress in science, technology and management.
We believe that translating technology into a viable business model is crucial. A creative idea is beneficial only when it is transformed into a tractable product. This entails a good blend of fundamental science, its consequential technological advances and efficient management. Creating awareness about the progress made at the interface of these fields is therefore vital. Motivated thus, we present the ‘Journal of Science, Technology and Management’ targeted to have an international reach. The general academic policy is directed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understanding innovation strategies by way of creating and sustaining value through innovation along with the formulation of management approaches
  • Evaluating platform technologies and their potentials
  • Strategic issues in managing R & D portfolios
  • Sustainable development issues with thrust on Intellectual

Property Rights (IPR) and conservation of biota and other biodiversity issues with an ecosystem approach the above directive principles will be subject to modifications and additions in line with the changing pattern of socio-economic agenda of national and international development issues.
An Editorial Board with global representation will guide the academic and technical matters of the journal. JSTM will publish original contributions, reviews and invited papers apart from special lectures delivered at MACFAST during the course of every academic year.
We invite contributions from academicians and industry personnel from around the world.

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